A Recent Customer Review


Thank you very much for everything you have done to me. Because of you, I could reach the roof top of Africa.

Michael, Japan


Hello Mr.Solanki and Ms.Ebrahim!
We are spending these days enjoying our photos and remembering the fabulous moments that we lived in your wonderful country. As we said to you, an important part of this success is due to the crew and the driver. Show these pictures to them; please; and salute all of them in our name. Kind regards!!!!

Valen & Encarna


Dotcom Safaris is a very friendly company that provides a quality of service for customer satisfaction and they are friendly, and they give professional expertise and services to make a memorable lifetime experience.

For my dad’s 60th birthday in September 2008 I decided to take him to Tanzania-the country he was born. This was trip of a life time which we would never forget. We organized our trip via Dotcom Safaris who planned our own personal itinerary according to where we wanted to travel. We had our own guide who was very friendly, informative and experienced.

For such a short holiday we managed to pack in a lot…Dodoma, Ngorongoro, Arusha, Moshi, Lake Manyara and finally Zanzibar.

Tanzania’s weather and climate leaves nothing to be desired. The warm and sunny days are followed by cool and balmy nights, and when we were on safari on the Serengeti plains and enjoying the tropical beaches of Zanzibar, the temperatures are always welcoming and gentle.

We stayed in the Serena lodge in both Ngorongoro and Zanzibar and the rooms, atmosphere, food, service and spectacular views were marvelous. Bristol cottages in Moshi and Dodoma hotel were just as lovely.

The Ngorongoro crater I’d say was the absolute best part of the safari adventure trip, followed closely by Zanzibar. Zanzibar was like an island paradise.

Hiral Patel (MPharm)