Welcome to the Home of the Elephants. This second largest of Tanzania’s National Park is a vast wild area remote and isolated. The Park has the Rungwa and Kisigo game reserves within it and thus is a part to an extended ecosystem. In fact large areas of Ruaha remain unexplored. This Park is also home to the greater and the lessor kudu and the sable and roan antelopes. With an area of 13,000 sq km, it has all the wildlife you can think of – almost 450 bird species. The Great Ruaha River has innumerable Hippos and Crocodiles and lots of water birds.

The National Park has a character of its own and you need time to see it properly. Ruaha is situated near the town of Iringa and the Isimila Stone Age Site is in its vicinity. Large areas of Ruaha are unexplored, and one of the park’s main attractions is its remoteness and isolation. Due to Ruaha’s vastness and character, you should set aside as much time as you can to visit; it’s not a place to be discovered on a quick trip.