The Mikumi National Park is the Third Largest National Park in Tanzania . It is situated around the Uluguru Mountains . Nearest Town is Morogoro. You can also visit the Mikumi National Park from Moshi / Arusha. You can see a large variety of animals which include the Buffaloes, Giraffes, Elephants, Lions, Zebras Leopards and Crocodiles. It is the area of the Yellow Baboons and a Field Study is being Conducted here.

There is a Hippo Pool where the Wild Dogs are very frequently seen. There is abundant Bird life in Mikumi. The Park can be visited all year round. There are lots of places to stay with good Camping Sites. The Mikumi Wildlife Camp has Cottage style Accommodation. The Kikoboga has spacious stone built bandas and can accommodate even 8 people in a banda. The Mikumi Wildlife Lodge is in the Southern Sector of the Park and good game viewing from the Lodge. For Camping, we recommend the Baobab Valley Camp ground on the Riverside . For a Day Trip, you can stay at Hotel Oasis in Morogoro or the Morogoro Hotel or the Genesis Motel at Mikumi Village .