Mafia Island, only 45 minutes flight south of Dar es Salaam, is one of the most exciting big-game fishing and diving location in the world. Expenses of virtually unfished waters offer a keen challenge to the fisherman. They abound with a rich variety of fish of tremendous size and weight. Many of them being great fighters.

Mafia Island provides a base from which the fisherman may explore the best potential fishing along the Indian Ocean shelf and round the many small island of the area. Big game fish caught off Mafia Island include marlin, sail-fish, shark tunny (some of the biggest landed along the eastern African coast), King fish, Barracuda, Red snapper, Rod cod, Dolphin, Horse Mackerel, Wahoo, Five fingered Jack and Fimbo. Fishing is possible all the year round inside the reef and channel. Mafia Island Lodge offers first class accommodation, facilities for under-water diving and “seafaris” along the coast and neighboring island.